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Are you a dad who wants to be involved in your child’s wedding planning but needs to know where to start? Look no further than Wedding Planning Unveiled: A Playbook for Dads. This guide uses sports metaphors to help fathers understand the ins and outs of wedding planning and avoid costly pitfalls. Whether you’re a dad looking to get involved, or someone hoping to give a meaningful gift, let Wedding Planning Unveiled: A Playbook for Dads help make wedding planning a fun, stress-free experience.

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A Word From The Author

Weddings are wonderful! They are family celebrations and important life rituals. They also have a lot of moving parts, and it can be difficult to understand how everything fits together. As a sociologist and educator, I have made it my mission to help people better understand the significance of weddings in their families and the larger society. I have been studying the business, culture, and social interactions around weddings since 1997. At that time, my work focused on the American wedding industry and the work of wedding coordinators. Since then, I have written and spoken professionally, not only on the wedding business but also on how to avoid being scammed when planning a wedding and how to reduce wedding costs. I have taught a variety of courses on weddings, including the Business of Weddings, Research and Exploration of the Wedding Industry, and the Sociology of Weddings. Weddings are truly my passion, and I hope Wedding Planning Unveiled: A Playbook for Dads helps you and/or your dad better understand how to plan a wedding.

Dr. Angela Thompson
PhD, Sociologist and Educator

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Yellow and red flag items, as well as “$Budget Beater” money-saving tips in every chapter

Easy-to-follow guide to wedding planning

Helps dads become more than just a checkbook

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